A wire seems so primitive at first. A line connecting point A to point B. Merely information’s method of transportation. Even when multiple wires come into the picture, and they cross, join, split, fold over each other. Still, connecting point A to point B. I’m no electrical engineer, but I think that’s the basic concept. 

Then there are people. And this time, with human wiring, I feel like we all think we’re special. That we all have our own set of wires that are perfect for our own being. But I think our wires are very much like normal wires: connecting point A to point B. 

And we’re all wired similarly. Wired to have similar emotional responses, physical reactions, etc. But at times, people become.. unwired. Voluntarily. Or involuntarily. But I think it’s like we stop working the same way and feeling the right feelings because our wires crossed paths and currents are flowing all the wrong ways.

We aren’t wired for a cursory glance at life. The slipshod attitude we so often apply to areas of our lives is nothing but a mere act. Our wires are dripping with emotions. Whether we choose to let them seep in or shake off is a reflection of how well our wires are connecting point A to point B. Is the complexity in us beautiful or is it disheveled?

And you should know, I often unsafely assume I’m not alone in my thoughts, hence the use of the first person plural rather than singular.


No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man.