“Freedom (from):  the state of not being subject to or affected by a particular undesirable thing.”

Sometimes freedom from one particular undesirable thing brings a new undesirable thing, a worse thing.

Sometimes going through a rough spot ends, but at the expense of a different, equally terrible something consuming you. Pain doesn’t often have a name, nor does it care to. It will nest itself deep within you, regardless of its reason for being there.

Sometimes you’re so eager to rid yourself of a certain feeling, you don’t see the next one coming. The next terrible feeling. It blindsides you. You don’t know to anticipate it.

Sometimes you wonder if there are ups and downs, or if pain just finds new ways to manifest itself.

Sometimes you think you’ll have to define peace for yourself, because everyone else’s version doesn’t fit.

Sometimes you realize that this cycle might not ever end.


And sometimes, you won’t come to a conclusion at all.



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